"Flamenco Island" with NightBloom's 2nd full length album. Self Produced, Buy from itunes

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Meet NightBloom

Meet NightBloom

Find out who Nightbloom is and meet the members. Find information on concerts and events. You can also join their friends & follow them on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and more....

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Shop NightBloom

Shop NightBloom

Find NightBloom T-shirts, Mugs, CD’s, & Mp3’s. There is even a way to order their Book “Guitar ABC’s and 123’s”. Nightbloom has multiple stores, and products waiting for you to discover. With many different purchasing options...

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Look through the gallerys, you can find pictures from events, concerts, amd even of our friends. Soon we will be adding videos to this section, so keep an eye out!

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Check out the book.

Take a Music Lesson

NightBloom has a guitar book to help teach the world about the various styles of guitar. This book is good for beginners to intermediate guitarists. It even has on-line lessons and support.

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Meet The Band Members

Meet NightBloom

A mother-daughter duo with a passion for music.

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About NightBloom

Nightbloom Music is a Music Business created by Marlene Jones-Skurtu and Jasmine Skurtu.They provide music lessons, songwriting, production, notation, and performance by the duo “Nightbloom” in concerts, weddings, churches, parties, restaurants and nightclubs. Both mother and daughter can also inspire you with individual performance or licensing of their music for the media. Their genres include “everything from acoustic to aloha with a twist of flamenco.”

Nightbloom's first full length album was just released. The album is on the Tate Music Group label. Buy the album on CD from TMG (Click Here) or on iTunes(click here).


Marlene's Myspace

Marlene's Facebook

Marlene's Twitter

Meet Marlene

Marlene Jones-Skurtu began playing guitar at 12 and writing songs at 13. After spending some years as a missionary and raising four children, she returned to college with her kids to learn more about music. After attending the same colleges as Jasmine, she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from UH in 2007.

She also is part of the Worship Team at King’s Cathedral, Oahu and performs with Nightbloom, and gives private music lessons. She is working towards doing her own production of their songs, and licensing them for television, radio, and film.


Marlene's Myspace

Marlene's Facebook

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Skurtu began singing before she could say sentences, and started winning music awards in Middle School. She began studying guitar at Kapiolani Community College, and earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Guitar Performance from University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2008.

In the midst of her studies, she went with her mother, Marlene, to spend a summer in Spain to learn Flamenco. She also is an accomplished vocalist, having been a part of the top choirs at UH. She currently performs at various venues in Hawaii alone, with Nightbloom, and with Taimani.

Guitar ABC's and 123'S

ABC's & 123's

NightBloom’s guitar book is meant for beginning to intermediate level guitar players. It is not available in stores yet. To obtain the book contact us.

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Buy The Book

"Guitar ABC's and 123's" by Jasmine Skurtu and Marlene Jones-Skurtu brings to the beginning to intermediate guitar student a complete and easy guide to the guitar. Containing photos of strings, the guitar, and finger placement, and bringing large notation and diagrams, this book makes it easy to glance back and forth from music to fingers!

This book teaches you three languages--notation, tab reading, and chords. Sample songs have been placed for easy learning of rhythms, as well as songs for duets and trios.

Sold on the internet, "Guitar ABC's and 123's" is now available to everyone.
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NightBloom Photo Gallery

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Nightbloom loves to get their picture taken! If you have a picture from a live event or just with the band members, send it to us we so may add it to our Friends Gallery...

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NightBloom Gear

Check out NightBloom’s merchandise. Our vendors have t-shirts, hats, mugs, and even Mp3’s.

Buy a Song.

Buy a Song

You have been Listening to the music. Did you hear a Mp3 you would like to own? You at the right place! Just enter NightBloom’s ReverbNation Store!

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Get some gear.

Buy La Guitarra Espanola EP

This CD features five songs in the classic Flamenco guitar style. Buy our Flamenco/Classical Guitar EP for $5 plus shipping.

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Get some gear.

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Our Merchandise with NightBloom's Logo and Art. We have T-shirts, Mugs, Hats, and More.

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Check out the book.

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iTunes Available on iTunes

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